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About Erik-

    Erik Aeder has been a published photographer since the early 1970's when he began shooting surfing in La Jolla, California.  He attended Universuty on the island of Guam which opened his eyes to the natural beauty of the world and his travels began.

    Living on the island of Maui since the mid 70's Erik has been fortunate to have an increidbly beautiful home base to come back to after his adventures.  He has been present for the developement of many of the popular modern ocean sports such as windsurfing, tow surfing huge waves, kite surfing and stand-up-paddle surfing.  

    He expresses his creative desires with shooting Maui's natural tropical beauty and a series of underwater images he has titled "Bodies of Water".  These surreal views of people swimming in many different locations around the world have opened eyes to the photogenic settings under the surface of the water.

    Erik continues to pursue new views of the water world he lives in and is available for commercial and private bookings to show his brand of a liquid life.

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